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Updated: 03/09/2013 08:02:12AM

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No trouble. Venetians, why do you trouble yourselves over dog marriage? Marriages are not all the same. State marriage, religious marriage or private joining in marriage are not the same. The state will marry any male and female who are Christian, Jew, Muslim or atheist, octogenarians or very young. Any combinations, even the gay with the straight. They won’t marry relatives because that would be incest. Soon they will be marrying gays of the same sex. The major implications of this state of marriage are financial. Wealthy married people get a big tax savings. Even Obama insists that wealthy people get lower taxes if they’re married. My church’s marriage remains in force even if the couple ends their state marriage. Frankly, I would have a problem voting for any politician proposing dog marriage. But hey, why not? If I buy a dog, I have to get a license.

Thanks, Chuck. I don’t want to let’em have it, I want to thank a nice man named Chuck on Barcelona. I ran out of gas in front of his house and he was nice enough to invite a complete stranger into his house and give him a can of gas and bring him back. There’s still nice people out there. Thank you.

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