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Updated: 10/22/2013 05:00:14PM

Am I that paranoid?

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In December of 2009 I wrote an article titled ‘Just Thinking Out Loud.’ This was just a couple of weeks before Nancy Pelosi pushed through the House of Representatives the Democratic Party’s insurance plan known as the Affordable Care Act. It took a lot more arm-twisting by Harry Reid to finally pass that bill through the Senate on January 5, 2010. President Barack H. Obama signed the ACA legislation into law on March 23, 2010 in what he expects to be his legacy.

You might find that my notes at that time described very close the situation we are encountering now more than three years later with the controversial government health insurance plan known as ‘Obamacare’.

Just thinking out loud This is just a thought! Do you remember that only a couple of months ago, I strongly campaigned against Barack H. Obama, his political platform of public control and his idea of redistribution of wealth’? I said then that it was a carbon copy of the socialist communist doctrine of Marx, Engel and Lenin. I witnessed Castro pushing that same doctrine in Cuba! After watching the results of the first year of the Obama administration, can you tell me that I was wrong in my assessment about our president? I don’t think so! Anyway, let’s analyze Obama’s present push toward ‘socialized’ medicine… For almost a year, the president and his ‘storm troopers’ Biden, Pelosi and Reid are trying to convince us, the American citizens/voters, that they know better than anybody else about how to reform the medical insurance problem. After a strong public show against the idea of a ‘federal’ medical insurance (a.k.a. ‘socialized medicine’), reluctantly they hid that effort within the present plan under legislation by our Congress… Hey, once again the Four Horse Riders of the Apocalypse are trying to place a veil over our heads… Those modern-day Pinocchio’s are trying to convince Americans that their plan is not going to add a single dime to the budget and instead it will reduce our outrageous deficit! All that while adding about 30 million new enrollees (including the uninsurable) to the present insurance companies plans… For heaven sakes, they really believe that we are a bunch of absolute idiots! I heartily agree that those cases of ‘pre-existing conditions’ need to be deeply analyzed and considered. I feel very bad about those people, but the ‘brains’ in Washington need to find out how to cover them without destroying what we have now.

Dumping those uninsurable individuals into the present pool of insured will increase the costs that most likely couldn’t be afforded by any insurance company without increasing the premiums to every covered person by the affected company.

Now, some questions come to mind… Who will determine which insurance company will and /or must take those unfortunate individuals…? Who will be forced to take them? The promoters and sponsors of ACA are assuring John and Jane Doe that they can keep their present coverage if they want… That John and Jane’s insurance plan wouldn’t change at all… That they wouldn’t see any increase in the premiums they are currently paying… Are these guys from another galaxy or are they only kidding us…? I understand the ACA law is over 2000 pages of regulations the legislators didn’t even read themselves. Even the ones who wrote them can’t explain it clearly to us taxpayer citizens. Which bureaucratic branch will be handling the enforcement and administration of this monstrosity? Again, duh, we’re absolute idiots… Right? Who will be in charge to figure the premiums to be paid by the newly insured ‘citizen’? Will the new customers with a ‘pre-existing condition’ be able to afford to pay the premiums for their coverage? If they do not, who will? Stop and think about that! What will happen financially to an insurance company that is forced to take higher risks (costs) covering the present uninsured and/or uninsurable without raising their current premiums (income)?

My dear family and friends, this is an elemental arithmetic business formula… When the ‘costs’ surpasses the ‘income’ of any company they go belly up and declare bankruptcy… and go out of business! What will happen to those newly uninsured individuals then? What are the plans of the geniuses in Washington? Back to square one? No, no, no…! The new Pied Piper will show up with another convoluted medical insurance plan! Any ideas? Boy, oh boy! Here comes a federal medical coverage also known as ‘socialized medicine’. After all, wasn’t that President Obama’s original plan and idea?

I have nothing to prove this theory, but I believe it is a heck of a well-disguised plan of action by the liberal, progressive and socialist administration of Barack Hussein Obama! You can call me paranoid if you want, but I am pleased I campaigned against the hidden ideas of our devious president… What do you think? Knowing what you know now can I ask? Was I that far off course back in 2009…? Am I that paranoid after all…?

Cesar Guerra

Lake Wales

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