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Updated: 09/30/2012 08:02:04AM

Be happy, don’t watch Fox News

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Letter-writers of late have presented a pretty stark and, frankly, frightening picture of an America gone terribly wrong, of a nation following a bad path and in serious need of rejuvenation and re-dedication to a common purpose.

My suggestion for these good citizens? Simple: Stop watching Fox “News” — matter of fact, turn your televisions off and get out into the real world.

While you’re out, you might get on down to the library and read some books (not published by right-wing outfits such as Regnery or Liberty University Press, and not written by noted crank Ann Coulter) and some foreign newspapers (not published by Rupert Murdoch’s troubled NewsCorp), and go talk to people other than those inside your “trouble bubble.”

Oh, and maybe you should stop listening to Rush Limbaugh — that would improve anyone’s worldview, and very possibly their IQ, almost instantaneously.

Jeff GoffBartow