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Updated: 04/25/2014 10:34:11PM

President Obama and the shell game

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President Obama is hiding the classic bean under one of the three shells. … He’s diverting our attention from the numerous national problems we’re facing to a conflict that has been going on and growing for a few years: the civil war in Syria.

It has been reported that over one hundred thousand Syrians were killed already because the fight between President Assan and ‘rebels’ opposing his dictatorial regime. Last month the most terrible incident in that was reported: the death of over 1,400 men, women and children by a sarin gas attack! Last year President Obama drew a ‘red line’ in the sand of that far away land, warning his Syrian counterpart against using ‘chemical weapons’ in that conflict because that was unacceptable and there would be serious consequences if crossed. Assad ran over Obama’s ‘line’ and the president ordered a U.S. Navy task force to stand by in front of the Syrian coast and be ready to launch a missile attack against that nation.

President Obama said he could and would conduct such military action under his own authority, as commander in chief of our armed forces, without consulting or seeking the authorization of the United States Congress. Suddenly he changed his mind. He is now seeking the approval of our senators and representatives for such attack.

The national commentators and journalists were caught flatfooted as they rushed to report the news: President Obama wants to consult and is seeking the approval of the Congress before ordering the missile attack against Syria. … What …? Why …? We had not been attacked or provoked in any way by that conflict and Obama knows that it is an internal war between Muslim factions! So what pressed President Obama to such radical deviation from his almost monarchic style of governing? I’m puzzled that none of his opposing political party leaders had taken any time to analyze that sudden change of heart by the president.

Think for a moment. … What could be the real reason for the president to occupy our minds, as well as our Congress and media, with a conflict that is not directly affecting us? Our national security is not at risk at all and if we send ‘tomahawk’ missiles toward that Muslim territory we can and must expect terrorists retaliation again at us! Please, don’t consider that I’m heartless. … I am truly sorry about the death of innocent civilians in any way or form but we have a very serious situation at home that should capture the whole attention and energy of our citizens, politicians and the media! Check what is today’s date: September 4th, just a week before the anniversary of two terrorist attacks against our life and property and less than a month to debate the increase of the national debt. The Obamacare implementation is due on October 1st. … Should we need to worry about that far away foreign war in Syria? Wake up and smell the roses!

Cesar Guerra

Lake Wales

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