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Updated: 08/17/2013 08:01:07AM

America is in trouble

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So now we have Gov. Jerry Brown on the west coast authorizing “transgender” students in the 5th grade (unbelievable) and above to use either restroom in schools, forcing all California public schools to permit biological boys in girls restrooms, showers, clubs and on girls sports teams and biological girls in boys restrooms, showers, clubs and sports teams. Can you imagine the turmoil and perversion this will result in, when young hormones kick in? Then there is nanny Mayor Bloomberg on the New York side trying to tell us what size drinks we can have, what we can eat, and putting roadblocks in place to ensure we don’t hurt ourselves (oh, thank you nanny). And besides all this, we have President Obama in the middle pushing his ideological, Anti-American, dumbing down ideas on everyone, while he takes no blame whatsoever, none, somebody’s else fault, didn’t know it until I read about it in the news, these are phony scandals, police acted stupidly, George’s fault, etc., etc., etc.

America, we are in trouble more than any time since the Civil War. In WWI, WW2 and Korea, we stood together as Americans. In the 1960s however, we witnessed the long-awaited “liberal” assault of removing God and the Name of Jesus from our lives, our government, our schools, and our very existence. Abortion was said to be OK (thank you, Supreme Court). And what are the results of this liberalism? Today, America is plagued by homosexuality (just like the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah), the U.S. ranks in the pits on education, our public schools are a disaster, there aren’t enough decent paying jobs to go around to stir the economy (except in the government sector of course), we are in debt up past our eyeballs (and still spending), our government is totally corrupt and inept and puts out lie after lie to make us feel good about ourselves and our political leaders, while our military is being dumbed down at all levels and literally castrated (who will come to OUR defense when all the “rebels” we are arming come against the U.S.). Where is the Statesman who used to stand up for what was right? In our congress — don’t think so. Instead, we see the idiotic statements and policies made by the political clowns and an uninformed or misinformed public who would sooner vote for a man BECAUSE of the color of his skin instead of his principles and his ability to do the job. Is there an uprising in the land – no. We are being led as lambs to the slaughter. We just sit back and say, oh well, this is 2013 and that’s just the way it is. Ask any young person today about the history of this great Country and you will most likely get a blank stare. But don’t dare ask them if the Country owes them anything – you might need a bigger shopping list.

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