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Updated: 05/09/2013 08:01:25AM

A white sports coat and some pink-cheeked perspiration

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If you saw several limousines making their way around town a couple of weeks ago, it wasn’t because the television industry was scouting in DeSoto County for ideas for yet another redneck reality show. Not that it’d be hard to find one here, of course. It was for that age-old school event that strikes fear into the hearts of students and sucks the life right out of the wallets of parents everywhere, known as The Prom.

What does that word mean, anyway? Well, its origin is in the word “promenade,” which as a noun means “A paved public walk, typically one along a waterfront at a resort,” and as a verb is to “Take a leisurely walk in public, esp. to meet or be seen by others.” Also, it is described as a formal dance, or ball, a march of all the guests at the opening of a ball, and even a square-dance figure, in which couples march counterclockwise in a circle.

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