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Updated: 07/18/2013 08:00:42AM

Losing our heads over latest medical technology

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You know how you read something on the Internet and kind of hope it’s true, but at the same time you kind of hope it’s not? Head transplants is what we’re talking about today. How does that subject grab you? And I did see it on the Internet with my own eyes, so there’s likely some shred of truth to it, right?

Apparently some Italian group is working on this notion, though I’m not sure if they’re making much headway yet. They say they’ve done it before, with rats and monkeys. I hope they didn’t swap heads between rats and monkeys, because, can you imagine that? Here, you’d have the world cheese supply threatened by tiny-headed simians, while big-headed rodents would be scaring all nine lives out of every cat they met!

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