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Updated: 03/28/2013 08:00:03AM

This Week in DeSoto County

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Hayley Mercer


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• It seems a shootout in the middle of Oak Street was not enough for one of our more gun-happy rodeo directors Saturday. After the downtown festivities in honor of the March rodeo, Terry Welles and Gordon Hay retired to a local establishment for refreshments. Welles, known around these parts for his chivalry, was only trying to protect a “Yankee” lady when he shot at a spider on the wall. “Don’t worry, I’ll get ‘im,” he reassured her. So Welles opened fire. The reverberation knocked the clock off the wall, falling into a few bottles that fell to the floor. “So the fella by the door dashed and ran and called the law,” Welles said. Somebody should have told the man Welles was shooting blanks. Well, the upshot of the whole mess was that the law came (anticipating, perhaps, having to surround the place) looking for a desperado. They found instead a couple of local cowboys sipping cool ones, peaceful as you please.

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