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The morality of governing the nation
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Updated: 09/04/2013 08:00:40AM

The morality of governing the nation

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My father used to tell me the government has many ways to define terms in order to advance agendas that are beneficial to political posturing even though these agendas are deleterious to the economic conditions of the nation as a whole.

“Moral obligation” is one of those terms that is loosely used in those endeavors. Let us bring the Syrian civil war problem to the table. I heard a GOP Senator, from Arizona, talk about the “moral obligation” this country has to punish the government of Syria for using chemical weapons against their civilian population. I heard a president talking about crossing “a red line.” These two politicians are talking about this nation attacking a sovereign country, an action that can start another war, thousands of miles away, and keep on squandering the country’s economic resources, at a time when the economic conditions are very slowly improving. This madness this country has — of trying to solve the problems for the whole world — must come to an end.

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