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Hundreds helped at health fair
Wed  Nov 26 2014 08:30AM
For more than 20 years, the city of Bartow has been stressing health and wellness for its 284 employees, and Thursday they did it again. The annual health and wellness … read more.
Pink Heals and hamburgers
Wed  Nov 12 2014 06:12PM
Bartow’s Fort Blount Park was pretty in pink Thursday when the national Pink Heals tour showed up thanks to the Polk County Fire Rescue Department. The Polk department used the … read more.
Healthy eating on a budget
Wed  Nov 5 2014 08:30AM
There is a growing public realization that a healthy diet plays a major role in good health and disease prevention. Unfortunately, some believe that healthy eating is expensive and that … read more.
Hospice care vital to terminally-ill patients
Wed  Nov 12 2014 06:12PM
Hospice care, born in England, has been a greater part of the health care environment in the United States for a number of years. Thought to be relatively related to … read more.
Health Department: Don’t get the flu, get that shot
Wed  Nov 5 2014 08:30AM
Flu season is almost here and the Florida Department of Health in Polk County encourages residents and visitors to take precautions to reduce their risk of infection. Influenza is a … read more.
When pink touches your world
Thu  Oct 9 2014 11:04AM
Editor’s Note: I never felt compelled to purchase a bracelet with a pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon. I love pink, and I have always been proud that women everywhere rally … read more.
Helping others part of her recovery
Wed  Oct 8 2014 08:00AM
Chris Hazelwood called her husband when her doctor, a family friend, told her over the phone that she had breast cancer. “Shock was my first reaction,” said the Winter Haven … read more.
Granddaughter saved her life
Wed  Oct 8 2014 08:00AM
Marilyn Stewart’s granddaughter saved her life. “When the doctor told me I had breast cancer in 1998, I said ‘I cannot let this get me down because my first grandchild … read more.
Alternative treatments
Wed  Oct 8 2014 08:00AM
Karen Willis hears heart-wrenching stories every day from breast cancer survivors. “Some days I walk out of here crying,” said Willis, owner of Anew You Mastectomy Boutique in Winter Haven. … read more.
Healthy diet helpful, but prevention still a guessing game
Wed  Oct 8 2014 08:00AM
According to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women after skin cancer. “Though cancer research and awareness has increased greatly in the … read more.
Don’t sing the holiday blues
Wed  Nov 26 2014 08:30AM
The Florida Gulf Coast Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association has free caregiver programs for caregivers, family members, and anyone else interested in learning more about Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia. … read more.
Wound center boosts awareness of diabetic foot ulcers
Wed  Nov 19 2014 08:30AM
The Wound Healing Center at Lake Wales Medical Center, a member of the Healogics network, is participating in the Healogics National Diabetes Campaign this week. The Wound Healing Center at … read more.
It’s now Winter Haven Women’s Hospital
Wed  Nov 12 2014 06:12PM
Winter Haven Hospital’s Regency for Women and Infants has changed its name to Winter Haven Women’s Hospital. The 61-bed acute care facility, built in 1987 at 101 Avenue O Southeast … read more.
Physical Therapy: Is it just for injuries?
Thu  Oct 30 2014 08:30AM
October is National Physical Therapy Month and this year’s theme is about clearing up misconceptions that can keep people from seeing a physical therapist. The American Physical Therapy Association heralds … read more.
Hundreds ‘Stride Against Breast Cancer’
Thu  Oct 30 2014 08:30AM
“This time I am going to kick its butt.” So said Nancy Morrison, a three-time breast cancer survivor who turned out Oct. 25 for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, one … read more.
Mother’s death still fresh
Wed  Oct 8 2014 08:00AM
(Editor’s note: Steve Steiner is a reporter with The Polk County Democrat. He volunteered to tell his tale.) It sometimes catches me off-guard, the passage of time, when I realize … read more.
‘Early detection’ was the key
Wed  Oct 8 2014 08:00AM
“Scared to death,” was Sharon Perry’s first reaction when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993. “I was doing self-breast exams and I felt something there.” A mammogram confirmed … read more.
Men diagnosed with breast cancer
Wed  Oct 8 2014 08:00AM
Male breast cancer is a very real disease diagnosis. Not acknowledged as loudly as is female breast cancer, the male cancer can be just as fatal. Nancy Nick lost her … read more.
is here for people
Wed  Oct 8 2014 08:00AM
Early detection is often times the key to surviving breast cancer with as little pain as possible. Unfortunately, too many women go without getting mammograms and proper examinations. For some, … read more.
Active Aging Week: Let the adventure begin
Wed  Oct 1 2014 08:00AM
Active Aging Week is an annual health promotion event held each year during the last week of September. The weeklong observance celebrates adults ages 50 and older and promotes the … read more.