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Will Hurricane Irma hurt my home value?
Mon  Oct 23 2017 11:28AM
I’m pretty sure other Realtors are also hearing this question a lot. The most noticeable impact I’ve seen from the hurricane was been a delay in closings. Short-term delays were … Find out how to read more online.
FISH of Englewood looking for a few good drivers
Mon  Oct 23 2017 11:28AM
Here is a good idea: Find a way to drive for Friends In Service Here, or FISH. It happens every year around this time. The days get a little shorter … Find out how to read more online.
Fishery redevelopment draws public interest
Mon  Oct 23 2017 11:26AM
PLACIDA — Attorney Robert Berntsson expected public interest in his client’s redevelopment plans for the 20-acre Fishery complex in Placida. Berntsson thought people would meander in and out of The … Find out how to read more online.
EARS opens new thrift store on Dearborn
Mon  Oct 23 2017 11:26AM
The Englewood Animal Rescue Sanctuary, known as EARS, has opened up a new thrift store this week at 353 W. Dearborn St., in Englewood. EARS previously had a thrift store … Find out how to read more online.
More Local News
Don’t be superstitious: Feline myths are just that
Mon  Oct 23 2017 11:18AM
Each Halloween, the controversy over black cats as magical, evil or bad luck re-emerges. Pictures of black cats as devil cats or black kittens wearing witches hats are exploited. Whether you believe there is any truth to these myths may … Find out how to read more online.

Cold front to bring rain, lows in the 50s
Mon  Oct 23 2017 08:30AM
Forecasts show a chance for rain on Monday and Tuesday at 50 and 60 percent. The showers are a result of an oncoming cold front that is expected to create clear skies and cool conditions for Wednesday and Thursday. According to … Find out how to read more online.

Man served as a combat medic during Korean War
Mon  Oct 23 2017 08:30AM
In 1948, President Harry Truman passed a law integrating the U.S. military. Three years later, Joe Dinish, now of Kings Gate in Port Charlotte, was drafted into the Army out of high school and was eventually sent to Korea. He … Find out how to read more online.

Massage tops unlicensed activity complaints
Mon  Oct 23 2017 08:30AM
Before a business tax was paid to the county or a business license was issued, a shop in Charlotte County was already advertising $40 massages this month. If it gets a license, it would be at least the fifth Asian-themed … Find out how to read more online.

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State, National and World News
Cub Scout kicked out of group after asking about gun control
Mon  Oct 23 2017 01:19AM
DENVER — A Cub Scout was kicked out of his group after he questioned a Colorado state lawmaker about gun control and previous contentious comments she made about African-Americans. It’s the latest political flashpoint for the Boy Scouts, of which … read more.

New York advances drone industry with testing corridor
Mon  Oct 23 2017 01:19AM
ROME, N.Y. — Envisioning a day when millions of drones will buzz around delivering packages, watching crops or inspecting pipelines, a coalition is creating an airspace corridor in upstate New York where traffic management systems will be developed and unmanned … read more.

2010 oil spill funds remain elusive for coastal counties
Mon  Oct 23 2017 01:19AM
PANAMA CITY — A weekly report from Bay County’s RESTORE Act coordinator lays out the steps he must follow on the path to securing the county’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill money: Update the status of Pot 1 grant applications, meet … read more.

Puerto Rico drug users get less help after the storm
Sun  Oct 22 2017 08:36PM
BC-PUERTORICO-DRUGS:MI - national (1300 words),1367 Puerto Rico drug users get less help after the storm TNS NEWSFEATURES (PHOTOS) By David Ovalle Miami Herald CIDRA, Puerto Rico - The trio of workers on the relief mission drove through the mountains to … read more.

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